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Wind always bring tiny germs and dust, Window Blinds works to protect us from all of them. They get unpleasant when dust and moisture get compiled with it, these get trapped in blinds, making them dirty and look awful. Cleaning the blinds thus isn’t an easy and is a tedious job. The surface which has to be cleaned isn’t readily accessible. Wind blinds have little or no space for hand movement for cleaning process sometimes even duster doesn’t glide in.

Hand dusting of your beautiful blinds does not result in thorough cleaning. It rather creates static charge that attracts dust and soils the blinds all over again. The revolutionary ultrasonic technology being used worldwide to clean the blinds has been brought into India by “Cleaning Mates” at a never before price and expertise.

Look no further for 'just like New' Blinds
Our ultrasonic blind cleaning not only cleans the vanes of the blind, it also cleans the ladders, wands and more importantly, it lubricates all the mechanisms in the head rail to ensure that your blinds look and operate like new.

Ultrasonic technology is a part of the sterilization process which is used in hospitals, dentists, optometrists etc. With the combination of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Technology and Technicians, we bring to fore the cleaning of every kind and types of blinds.

We follow a true ecological approach which is highly effective and safe. Along with improving the appearance of window blinds, it also enhances the air quality of your home and environment. It eliminates biological contaminants such a dust, mites, bacteria, odors, smoke, nicotine, pollen, pet dander and other germs that cause allergy.

Clear the view with Cleaner blinds. Experience the Difference!!!


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