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Your wish for a spring smell clean washroom is just a call away.
Your washroom is a favourite safe harbour of various active micro organism who love to live in the hoods. You wear down germs in cleanliness drive from your skin and body, but where do they survive? They defended themselves in the linings of your floor, walls and drains. They multiply faster than you can imagine. They don’t send invites to become active in social life rather they are self-replicating and they surrounds to you in infection radar. These micro bodies are not friendly enough with human body. They are like in fighting spirit and always consider them as enemy!

So, don’t be a host as it can prove fatal for you. This colony poses major threat to your health.

Eliminate the stench, scrub off that stain, scrap off those yellow and white scales… and wipe off that water mark with deep cleaning mechanism to have a clean and fresh washroom.

You are doing your bit by asking your maid to clean the washroom daily. We know you are letting it be cleaned routinely but you always wanted it to be better. You hope it was as fragrant, clean and shiny as that 5 Star hotel restroom you recently visited. You wish sink, cabinets, shower cabin, towel stands, floor, tiles and WC would be as new as you first bought. Well, your wishes have been answered.

“Cleaning Mates” provides you personalized entire washroom cleaning, disinfection and deodorizing facilities for perfect cleaning drive. Disinfecting the complete area post cleaning is imperative to purge the perpetual risk of infection. Our range of services will allow you to have an incredible washroom that shines, sparkles and smells nice. What’s more, it will be guarded against all those infestations and infections as we:

• Dust and wipe clean all shower rods, shower heads, sinks, commodes (clean underside of seats), towel bars, tissue holders etc
• Dust and wipe clean all vanity cabinets from outside
• Dust and clean all window glass, window sills and wall ornaments
• Clean all mirrors, glasses and exhaust fan
• Mechanized floor cleaning
• Cleaning of all light switches and electric plates
• Disinfection of Washroom

Next time, you are making your schedule, strike off Washroom Cleaning as “Cleaning Mates” will do that for you, just like you wanted.... giving you ample ‘Me‘time.Yes, drive to that new store down the road that you so wanted to visit.


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