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So who are you sleeping with?
Your mattresses gives and excellent ambience to millions of dust mites to breed and feed on your family’s skin flakes and other organic stains of that mattress. Additionally bed bugs and Viruses take birth on the lifeless skin and shit of dust mites. Many diseases like allergies, asthma, hay fever, eczema, sinus symptoms etc takes place due to mould spores and fungi. A dust mite excreta is 20 faeces i.e. dropping each day per dust mites, which contain allergic protein particles

The reactions to these can range from:
• Itchy Red Eyes
• Headaches
• Nasal and Sinus Problems
• Scratchy or Sore Throat
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Diarrhoea
• Triggering Asthma attacks
But you have nothing to worry about...!!!

Our Mattress Cleaning Process and Dry Extraction Method use the world's best equipment and remove dead skin, mites and their excrement. Additionally, UVC treatment works on viruses, bacteria, mould spores and other organisms to restore the healthy characteristic of your mattress.

So, our cleaning crew makes your sleeping space free from all the sweat and dead skin lodged in your mattresses which were a feeding and breeding ground of plethora of dust mites. You can enjoy a peaceful sleep on a germ free mattress that smells great and keeps health in place.

With “Cleaning Mates”, you come home to an immaculately clean bedroom that is like a whiff of fresh air.

Our Bedroom Cleaning Services include:
• Cleaning of lights, fixtures and Ceiling Fans
• Cleaning of sliding glass doors, windows and window sills
• Dusting, wiping and cleaning of all furniture
• Mechanized floor cleaning
• Dust all artwork on walls and tables
• Disinfection of room

Your Bedroom is your Den and not a comfortable thriving ground for mites and bugs, dust and germs.
Don’t let infection infesting companions take your sleep away when we are just a call away @ 9560394884...!!!


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