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Clean kitchen is a sight of delight!!!
If you are cooking lover then you must have craze for clean and neat kitchen. Pest free kitchen includes neat cooking counters, chimney, non-grease kitchen shelves, non-sticky appliances and perfectly cleaned trash box.

It is said that healthy kitchen can only cook tasty and healthy food. You cook for your family not for those germ which perpetuate in your kitchen voids. An unhealthy greasy kitchen give well breading areas to germs than smelling corner of washroom. This is primarily because there is a glut of decomposing organic material on the cooking surface and nearby areas which extends invitation to microorganism and rodents to form their families.
Neither your daily process of cleanliness nor you can destroy these disease carriers. Your regular maid falls little of the cleaning-hygiene balance while you certainly don’t have time to clear any dirt

Your way to Merry Munching
Let your kitchen be remembered for sumptuous food flavour blends and not that sticky shelf or stench.
Flies, Cockroaches, Ants, Lizards, Spiders can’t feast in there... You have to act now...

Experience the art of cleaning and healing with us, as we carefully scrape off the germs from your kitchen and give you a clean cooking cabin. Our services include....
• Dust and wipe all cabinet doors from outside
• Complete cleaning of kitchen sink and countertops
• Dust and wipe all appliances’ exteriors/from outside
• Mechanized floor cleaning
• Wipe refrigerator from outside {Dust top & clean front and handles}.
• Clean all light switches and electric plates
• Disinfect kitchen area

Don’t compromise on the aroma and flavour of food. Let “Cleaning Mates” do the cleaning the mess part while you go your way to merry munching!!!


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