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The Road Most Taken
Most pivotal interior of any house is its flooring .You invest a big sum amount into getting that in proper place. You speculate from every possible option available like vinyl, mosaic, wooden or what not! Once your flooring is done you admire the beauty it adds to your dream home and the finest part is when you get applaud for your choice and your heart filled with happiness. Then what? With time, it loses grace and its glamour and if you envisage about it the money invested will fulfil its worth.

Your flooring looks dull as dirt and grime compromise the finish, appearance and longevity of your expensive flooring. Dirt and debris in company of your foot friction cause scratches and chips. Adding to the menace is your daily maid’s sweeping and wiping which lets these tiny sand particles to further penetrate into the fine crevices in flooring.

Don’t Live with Luster Less Floor Anymore
Having over 40 years of professional experience in cleaning floors and grout at the most expensive and messy spaces in India including the Airport Terminal 3, we are well equipped to cater to your needs. We have proficient team in cleaning and restoring your floor to an exceptional finish with high level of maintenance. Our crew works as per the specific treatment requirement using state of the art Twister™ DCS and Hybrid™ DCS Technology and specially formulated solutions.

We undertake a thorough inspection of your floor to look for potential trouble areas. Our procedure is to:
? Vacuum floor to eradicate dust particles both tiny and large one.
? Deep cleaning of your floor with the help of specialized cleaning solutions and high functionality equipment.
? Followed by a detailed hand cleaning; thoroughly cleaning edges and difficult to reach corners. Microfiber cloths are used to securely capture any remaining dirt and debris.
? Neutralizing solution use; the floor is cleaned a second time to give the best shine attainable. This also helps the floor stay cleaner longer.
? We inspect the floor to make sure it is as clean as it can be.

We bet, you will be floored with our floor restoration technique.


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