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Home is your anchorage which provides you warmth of your close one , you can stay very comfortable none other than your own house .Lean on that so soft bed with clean linen, take a shower and enjoy a happy meal is the comfort we find in our home. One can do anything to alter a house into home so as you. You donít have the idea that your space is being shared by microbes, germs and dust mites.

From getting in contact with door handle to swapping currency, via toilet flush knob to that parking ticket and keys passed to you by valet all are the major source of germs provider. Odds places like escalators of those public transport ride nudges you have braved you get interact with zillions of microbes, have you ever thought of it?

But all this while, innumerable microbes have exchanged places. . In numerous of adrift friends get reunite and extended their invite for more social gathering to your sleeve. Indirectly you act as a host for all tiny microbes who have found enormous amount of diet on your board and they simply relish the best time. Yes! You got that right, you are their best friend.

To cement this friendship, where did you take them at last? Your carried them home, honey!

The moment you rang that door bell and latched the door, you got them in, seated them on your upholstery, led them to your basin, laid them on the linen and hoisted them in your kitchen and fridge.

Thanks to you they found a new home. But you aren’t the only bearer. The wind, the water, the vegetable bag, groceries, daily maid, visitors, guests and labour; everyone has played their part.

Thus, the need to eliminate the risk of infection and eradicate the threat they pose for you and your family.  You wish to have a sparkling home that looks clean and smells nice. You hope your favourite couch would still look new, your wife wishes to have a grease free cooking cabin while your son wants to sing more songs in the shower, your daughter wants to run bare feet around the house and your parents hope the windows and blinds gave them a clearer view of the world outside. Your home is your territory of joy and happiness and you can’t accept it getting dull with time. You let your maid clean it and to make up for the gaps in her cleaning, you schedule your weekend for cleaning chores.

Well, you can have more exciting things to do when you make a call to your speed dial for residential cleaning – “CLEANING MATES”.

With our expertise in the domain you don’t have to worry about cleaning your washroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, mattresses, upholstery, floors, ceiling and several other corners that are covered in dirt and grime. Our cleaning crew ensures the blend of right chemicals and technique to give you an incredibly clean space. Their wealth of experience enables them to target, attack and eliminate the germs from every section of your house thereby, rendering an exceptional cleaning approach. Since, we use eco-friendly solutions, you will not notice any chemical odour that makes you uncomfortable or forces you to leave house for an hour or so after cleaning. You would see the difference in the first service itself and do we need to mention; you will get addicted to that crystal clear clean house that you always wanted. 

So, experience the joy of a deep cleaned home, breathe easy in a filtered toxin free air and don’t be worried about the infections that might prevail as we would have taken care of that.

Contact “CLEANING MATES” for Complete Home Care now to know more. Services start @ Rs.1500.
Have a happy healthy living.


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